Caribbean GreenTech Startup Bootcamp Trinidad & Tobago

Come with an idea. Leave with a climate-saving business

May 20-22, 2016.


Caribbean GreenTech Startup bootcamp is an intense 54 hour weekend event, during which potential entrepreneurs will be empowered with the skills and tools relevant to start up a sustainable business focusing on clean technology solutions to impact climate change.

What to Expect

Participants will be equipped with the knowledge on how to create a startup and identification of market issues through an education session to be held May 13, 2016. At the end of the education session, entrepreneurs should have ideas for clean tech startup.

During the Bootcamp participants will pitch ideas for new cleanTech startup companies, select the top one, form teams around those ideas and build the foundation of their startups.

Participants will have access to reputable business and technical mentors who will guide the teams developing their business idea.

By the end of the Bootcamp, startups will have a basic business plan, business model, and market research. They may also have begun ‘building’ their startups (developing software, prototyping, web site development, etc).

At the end of the bootcamp, we will be selecting the top teams to move on to Caribbean GreenTech Accelerator Program, where they will have access to mentors, seed funding, advanced training and access to potential investors.

The Bootcamp Process

  • Learn

    What is a startup

    Market problems of startups

    Tools for business & product development

    Startup financing and financial management

    Strategies for messaging & brand

  • Execute

    Business plan

    Business model

    Market research

    Create a minimum viable product

    Transition to your startup

  • Pitch

    Pitch to real customers to generate sales

    Pitch to local & international investors

    Pitch to other professionals to attract talented staff

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Who Should Attend

Business enthusiasts, business managers, developers, engineers, graphic artists, marketing gurus University students, graduates and others who are interested in climate change and startups.

* Note: Participants don’t need to quit school or their jobs.

What to Take with you

” Laptop, Business card (optional) and a great attitude"

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The CleanTech business ideas should focus on either of the following five (5) thematic areas:

Resource Use Efficiency: For example: Waste-to-energy, materials recovery, reuse and recycling.

Water Management: Eg. Potable water, rainwater harvesting, efficient irrigation, wastewater treatment and recycling, water use efficiency, desalination.

Sustainable Agribusiness: Eg. Water/energy efficient irrigation systems; waste management; high-value agribusiness; sustainable land use practices; waste-to-energy; and wind and solar energy for farms.

Solar Energy: Eg. Residential and commercial self-generation, residential and commercial water heating, solar-powered air-conditioning.

Energy Efficiency: Eg. Lighting, household appliances, air-conditioning, commercial cooling and ventilation systems, consumer behavior, building energy management systems, building design and materials.


    1st -- TTD $6500

    2nd -- TTD $3500

    3rd -- TTD $1500

    Winners and selected teams will advance to the Caribbean Climate Innovation Centre ( CCIC ) Accelerator Programme.

    Deadline for applications is May 13, 2016.

  • Idea Generation Session

    Thursday April 7th

    Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) Innovation Avenue. Freeport, Trinidad and Tobago.

    Brainstorm Startup ideas

  • DAY 1

    Friday May 20

    Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) Innovation Avenue. Freeport, Trinidad and Tobago.

    Entrepernurship, Social Impact and Clean technology

  • DAY 2

    Saturday May 21

    Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) Innovation Avenue. Freeport, Trinidad and Tobago.

    Essential Tools to Start and Grow a Business

  • DAY 3

    Sunday May 22

    Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) Innovation Avenue. Freeport, Trinidad and Tobago.

    How To give a Business Plan Pitch

3D Printing to Display Prototypes of Solutions developed in the GREENTECH BOOTCAMP AVAILABLE!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided

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